Sunday, November 30, 2014

fall back, fall floral


I made a late night run to the local depanneur/corner store the other night to pick up a can of cat food to tide us over until the morning. (Mr. Ghibli pretends to only like the dry kibble, but at 5 am will complain loudly and vigorously until some wet food is presented with sweet babe....) I scanned the magazine rack just to see if there was anything fun I could bring home and lo, there was an October edition of Vogue magazine, like a friendly blast from the past, from a warmer, more colourful autumn that seemed to go so quickly. Where did November go?  (and for that matter, October and September....) I take it as a sign that I can freely jump back to those days myself, and catch up with a few of the colours and prints that marked my own autumn, none of which made it yet to this public domain/wardrobe diary/catalogue of a hoarder.  Which is a shame, since fall is so beautiful and so full of my favourite colours! Rusts and oranges and florals... and leather jacketed layers.  There's something I love and always forget to share!  More love for coats!

And welcome back, Autumn!

Many of you celebrated your own Thanksgiving last week, so I will indulge in memories of pie and lakes and blazing orange leaves from way back in October.  sigh. 

Amish triple pie carrier in action!

Thanks Vogue-from-the-past!  I could get used to this (editor's note: get used to this)

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