Saturday, January 30, 2016

winter florals, part deux

Woohoo!  My hallway is getting repainted, so no more sick yellow to try and edit around!  I just have to watch my step since the workmen don't leave any 'wet paint' signs and have been randomly and incompletely painting bits and pieces every day with slow-drying oil paint.  I guess I love a sick yellow, but not a sick beige. 

Continuing in the vein of the winter florals, this colour combination is a favourite, but was also inspired by the Lena Hoschek post.  I accidentally wandered into Zara at the end of their winter sale last week and couldn't resist a couple of great brown dresses.  A long 1930s style knit for $22 (yay) and a jumper dress that didn't fit quite right on top but I could see the skirt portion would make a perfect a-line separate.  The fabric mix is a little odd, but has nice multicoloured flecks to give the brown a rich depth. Rather than have it sit in my project pile for months, I cut the top off right away, loosely hemmed the waistband and wore it the next day!  It has a proper grosgrain ribbon trim inside now to give it shape, but didn't here. And all brought together with floral tights, because of course one always needs more prints :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Insta Inspo- Lena Hoschek

I'm pretty much glued to instagram from the moment I wake up to just before I fall asleep (that's basically 9:45 am to 2:45 am, so I totally miss any early birds and their musings).  I don't post a whole heck of a lot, and it's not that exciting, but I love the beautiful variety that flows by, from vintage wearers and sellers (mmmm...) to knitters and sewists, the everyday wearers of clothing and the wildly dressed, abstract spaces and found objects, architecture and books. Oh, and cats. I like that there's someone in Australia who starts posting themed images every morning, which is late in my afternoon (@jillkellett).  I like that there's someone who posts short informal dance clips a couple of times a week (@personalpractice).  I like the Swedish design lovelies of @finelittleday and their occasional portraits of bemused cats sitting at the table (in front of divine floral wallpaper...)

On instagram I was introduced to the work of Austrian fashion designer Lena Hoschek.  She combines an homage to traditional dirndl style with 50s flair and modern prints. The fashion show for her Autumn/Winter 16-17 was held last week, and is perfectly in keeping with my current loves (well, or to be fair, my forever mustard-and-tweed mood).  So here are a couple of images from the show, for inspiration!

Fuzzy dark green sweater and swirling mustard silk. yes.

Fifties silhouette in glorious, glamorous tweed
Autumn floral? Winter floral?  I'll take it.  And the shoes.
Actually, I have already worn this outfit a million years ago, here
Green sweater and taupe lace? Sure, I can step outside my zone a little...
This is everything. Also, why can't I have boppy, bouncy hair like this?
This, too, is everything.
This is so Anthropologie. Anthro, are you listening
Too Forever 21 (but then, I would buy it there...)  I just put this in because Lena is obviously channelling me here too.  I practically own stock in rust tights!
Speechless! There are no words.
Okay, so much as I love everything about these- the prints, the fabrics, the silhouettes, the print mixing... well, sometimes print mixing can be just a little too much. Behold...

Okay, not quite.  But I would absolutely wear these items separately.  And I am now obviously on the hunt for a deep green snuggly statement sweater to go with all my mustard skirts.  Then we'll have an outfit post!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

vintage velvets and winter florals

She's back...

It feels kinda nice to surreptitiously slip back in here.  I've been missing being able to look back and see the flow of favourite outfits, dumb obsessions, and those bits and pieces that make up a year in a life (even as the years pass increasingly effing fast...).  I do like being able to share images in the moment through instagram, but it does have its limitations.  I felt like I wanted some kind of combination of Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.  Oh right- that blog thing...  Hope there are still a few of you out there!

Winter is a good time for this- you're trapped indoors, lusting after textures and colours, simultaneously cozy-knit obsessed and dreamily looking forward to Summer's gossamer and light cottons. I thought last week I would try and focus on pulling out winter florals, but it's also been desperately cold so it's been a time of dark jewel tones and cuddly fabrics.

I got this velvet skirt at a flea market in New York about 7 years ago.  It was a bit big and I remember sitting in the hotel room that night stitching up the side seams so I could wear it the next day. I then used the excess fabric to make tiny bows that are basically invisible.  I haven't worn it in a long time but I'm suddenly obsessed with velvet again! Since I'm also seeing velvets and corduroys slip back into the stores I guess it's time has also cycled around! I love the luxurious almost Russian pattern here, though when I first thought about adding the necklace it seemed a bit much for the workplace.  Well, I wore it anyway, and felt kinda great.  This collar has such a beautiful soft drape to it. The gems are all sewn on a floral fabric and it somehow seems to merge beautifully (and unexpectedly) with whatever it's paired with.  

Anthropologie Osona collar by Ranna Gill and vintage velvet skirt

So there you have it.  This blog reached the 5 year mark and then I abruptly disappeared for a year, but I hope I'm back! I had some interesting travels in 2015 that I'd like to revisit. I'm always dreaming of new dresses.  I'm also wearing a lot more vintage again. However when I'm not sewing things back together I still ramble over to Anthropologie regularly to check out the sale room!