Thursday, February 27, 2014

does mustard count?

Heh.  So I was determined to wear some all-out yellow and lift this end-of-february week out of the doldrums.  And then I realized that everything I own is mustard,  Well, a plethora of shades from chartreuse to ochre, with a lengthy stopover in the land of mustard.  sigh.  I think I have 2 cardigans that may be technically yellow.

Anthropologie Rennes sweater and Tarnby lasercut booties, F21 ikat skirt, J Crew chambray shirt
On the other hand, I'm super pleased to finally own this gleefully textured sweater in a lovely shade of honey mustard (turmeric? yes!) (my local store had every single colour but this one. it's a conspiracy, I say!) The skirt is one of those awesome Forever 21 accidents, wherein they inadvertently release a well-cut piece in a good fabric at their usual F21 prices.  That's right- a substantial 100% cotton knit in a gorgeous print, for a mere $20.  It's even a reasonable length mini!

Sorry about the yellow, but I just gotta be me.  :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 pink!

Yeah, I have some work to make up. How about as an act of penitence I make an effort over the next couple of days to just try to catch up! I mean, sure, I've been a little lazier on the fashion front, throwing on things you've seen over and over again (I think, since there seem to be a lot of things I never get around to posting..) but I do still get dressed, and if it ain't posted here it might not have happened!

I now understand the regular influx of neon fashions over the past few winter seasons- you really want an extreme blast of something to wake up the eyes amid the grey of old snow and salt-stained sidewalks.  So lately it's been the 'neon' pinks of J Crew to get me out of bed in the morning, and the most amazing pair of Hue tights ever.

Again, I love this black and white pompon-ed fairisle ski sweater since it makes me feel just the tiniest bit of a connection with an aforementioned far-off nordic ancestry.  Now so diminished that I just like watching nordic ski events on tv. Speaking of which, I was pretty sad to say goodbye to my daily round of winter olympics yesterday, so much so that I watched the men's cross-country marathon TWICE!  (once at 3 am and again the following afternoon- do I have a problem?)

J Crew Fairisle ski sweater, coral Sterling skirt, pink striped BR shirt
Fortunately I got to go out last night to watch a dark 60s Norwegian thriller, Cold Tracks, that was basically all about the sound of crunching, sliding skis on snow and moonlit mountains. Not a great film (I fell asleep, I must admit) but great atmosphere!  Plus, as an appetizer, we watched an old Nazi film about the 1936 winter Olympics that, whoa, was so full of dangerous spills it made the Sochi Olympics look tame!

So, more pink.  pink legs:

Boden Amelie dress, Anthropologie ruffled coda cardigan, Hue tights, Chie Mihara oxfords, Gewoon felt necklace

 And a 'neon rose' pink cardigan with a lovely winter floral blouse:

J Crew Jackie cardigan, F21 floral blouse and skirt, Anthropologie necklace

Next up?  I think it's time to explore some yellows...if you can't wait, Lisa at Respect the Shoes has a divine example today!

Friday, February 21, 2014

found it: lace blouse!

Anthropologie Keren Lace tee
Hey gang.  It's totally that weird time of year that this little nordic bear goes into hibernation, with only a vague hope for some future spring.  I have been little more than existing lately, and yeesh, can't even find any shopping to energize the brain.

Things are looking up though- the March issue of Harpers Bazaar is full of lovely colours and prints, and I found a great lace top for spring.  The Keren lace blouse (Anthropologie, of course) is quite frighteningly boxy looking  but it feels great on, looks beautiful over a coloured tee, and has a fantastic texture.  It also looks great untucked but this is the only picture I have for you at the moment.  Over jeans, this top is killer.

Keren lace tee, mustard tee, J Crew pencil skirt, Chie Mihara Absinthe heels
And check out this pattern mixing from Harpers Bazaar...swoon!  Bring on March!

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Folks, I have to advise you- I am a mega-fan of the winter olympics.  I like to imagine myself as a determined cross-country skier, sliding through lonely nordic trails, between the trees and sunlight and blinding snow, skating those uphills, hearing the breath of some tough Norwegian gaining on me. Take that, Bjørn Dæhlie!  Of course, I do this from the comfort of my couch, surrounded by cat and snacks, while my magnificent Canadian team works it out for me! I love that in this internet age you can by-pass all the voice-overs and recorded highlights and watch these things in real time.  I have to find the excellent streaming of nordic events I found last Olympics.  In the meantime, I'm a fan of the new snowboard slopestyle event- incredibly graceful, laid-back and effortlessly airborne!

Here I am, with the tiniest tapered braid ever, trying to evoke a long-ago Norwegian ancestry.  I wore this outfit to work the other day, and was compelled to try and capture a little winter afternoon sunlight today, red nose and all! 

J Crew merino Fair Isle sweater, ON gingham shirt, vintage skirt, hush puppy boots
I picked up this gorgeous sweater during J Crew's post-christmas liquidation-I love the little white pom-pom details that were a surprise to me.  I love this nordic ski sweater style, and especially in this graphic black and white version!

So, I have been a long-time Russophile, ever since I discovered Dostoyevsky as an angsty 15-year old. I found some of the narrative elements in the opening ceremonies a little puzzling (I almost expected to see a ballet reenactment of the murder of the tsarist family, or a spy vs spy cold war roller derby), but it was still fun to experience those dreamy floating decorative cupcake domes, wild constructivist elements, and of course this adorable cat to represent the poet Pushkin...

 sigh. It's good escapist entertainment, especially since I was so excited about Sochi 4 years ago... Now when is Evgeni Plushenko skating again?