Saturday, June 30, 2012

marvelous maeve!

Anthropologie mystery Maeve dress, quartz necklace from Victory Jewelry, Aldo wedges, thrifted mini purse
One of my favorite in-house labels at Anthropologie has to be Maeve- there's usually something in the print and design that appeals to me instantly, and the materials are of reliably high quality.  Last summer I came across this mystery Maeve sundress on ebay for about $15 and pounced instantly.  I wasn't disappointed- the pastel checked cotton print is lovely, there are finely detailed darts and panels at the waist, and the bottom hem is subtly scooped for a beautiful shape.  Did I mention it has pockets too? Since I received it at the end of the summer last year, today was the first time I actually got to wear this lovely frock out of the house!

I never realized how much graffiti there was in my neighbourhood until I started taking outfit pictures out and about!   I love the colour and texture it adds to what is really quite a sweet and residential urban neighbourhood.


So this week I had planned on trying to challenge myself to wear more blouses and skirts, since throwing on a pretty dress is just so darn easy in the morning.  Well, I managed two occasions and really liked this flowy option of the colourblocked Maeve Drapey Dyad blouse with a simple black a-line skirt.  I'm usually a total materials snob, but the cut and drape of this $15 polyester Forever 21 skirt is amazing.  It fits perfectly and I loved the way it picked up the slightest hint of wind to sway and move as I walked.

The picture doesn't capture the beauty of the details in the blouse, but I imagine you'll see this many more times, if I can just keep up the blouse challenge!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ah really just jumps in and whomps you on the head sometimes.  And though it's rarely a permanent adjustment, a memory of the clarity usually lingers within the chaos.  I've been pretty stressed trying to keep up with work- an increasingly bizarre cycle where you're fighting to make things happen but all anyone wants is time-consuming reports about why it isn't happening.  sigh.  

I somehow ended up all in black this morning, which is a bit rare for me, but there's a cozy familiarity about it that helps project a hint of calm.  By the end of the day I was exhausted, physically and mentally, almost literally swamped by piles of paperwork whilst trying to hammer through a few emails that might lessen the burden tomorrow. It's easy to forget why I love books and bookstores when there are so many ridiculous administrative headaches associated with procuring these beautifully crafted and specially selected objects.  However in the last few minutes of the day, a very courageous man ignored my furrowed brows and frantic typing to smile and kindly ask if I could help him with a special gift for his daughter.  He was so caring and enthusiastic about the books that I recommended for her that I think we both came away feeling great.  I love how a happy ending can overcome so much! And I love my job :)

Vintage striped dress and Chie Mihara Ramsita oxfords (Chie makes me VERY happy)
I may have been predisposed to a little attitude adjustment.  I attended a lecture by the founder of Architecture for Humanity last night, and he was such a down-to-earth and positive guy.  He has this ability to inspire confidence, making the most daunting situations of poverty and loss seem like opportunities for real change and hope and fun and long-term community building.  Very cool.  They operate by one very simple and awesome motto: don't work with assholes, don't work for assholes, and don't take money from assholes. Like.

I also take inspiration from this furry little buddy, who has the ability to put problems in perspective too...
oh yeah, sure I was diabetic for a couple of days, and you was all worried, but now I have all the vets shaking their heads in disbelief, because I am just that cool a cat. oh yeah. sleeping with my mouth open...

Monday, June 25, 2012

cut-offs and silk blouses...

Anthropologie Pointilist Pond blouse, thrifted Mavi jeans, J Crew Camille wedges
My goal this week is to consciously enjoy some of the pretty print blouses in my closet.  Though I love them, they often get forgotten between the easy morning dress-love and flashier print skirts of summer.  Since today is a sunny and cool day off, that means throwing on a rare pair of cut-off jeans with a beloved and yet nigh-unworn Vera print silk blouse. 
The sun seems extra bright today as it breaks through the clouds, leaving moments of extreme contrast on 'film'.  Not unlike the textural joy of contrasting soft silk with even softer aged denim...

What the hell does 'nigh unworn' mean though, you may be asking?  Well, when I first picked up this blouse, it spent a day as a sort of improvised scarf when I stupidly left the house wearing just a dress (however lovely) while on holiday.  It just felt like something was missing and I spent the morning with an eye to substitute accessories until I realized I had already purchased this pretty print blouse that adapts quite nicely to a second life as scarf!
mixed painted prints!
lonesome Wavering Grid dress, awaiting a print friend

Thursday, June 21, 2012

daisy, daisy...

We are in the midst of the first real heatwave of the summer, which means trying to find that balance of cool comfortable fabrics with an obligatory layer for the air-conditioned workplace!  I've been taking my cue from last summer and all the lace pieces I somehow *acquired* that make for great layering staples. Although I love lace, I am already far too girly (apt to pirouette unintentionally and make lots of random cutesy noises- ugh!), so I prefer it in sleek silhouettes or paired with bright, bold colours, like my favorite orange skirt!

Anthropologie Back Porch Blouse and Field Scout skirt, with Old Navy polka-dot tee and silk dotty scarf

I didn't pick up on the theme until just now, but I guess I went for a taste of the same thing the next day!  A creamy daisy-lace dress, with bright orange accessories to accent the melon-coloured trim (that's right, I am certainly jonesing for a cool desserty treat right now!)

Forever 21 lace dress, thrifted bauhaus-y necklace and orange patent belt
On the topic of summer dressing, I've had my eye on a couple of easy light summer dresses lately, and top of the list is this minty number from Gap- I await only the next promo code to bring this one home with me!  And since it's been over 30 degrees the past couple of days (or 90 for you fahrenheiters), here's hoping that is VERY soon! 

Imagine this with a pretty lace layer too- now if only I could find the perfect summer wedges that leave no blisters...
Gap asymmetrical dress in varsity green

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

neon shadows...

I am way off on keeping up with the outfit posts, which is a shame because of course I can  fully embrace pre-summer weather in a range of fun colours and prints these days.  But, well, you get home late and that guy in the backyard is always standing at the barbecue, and sometimes you just don't have the cojones to ignore him on the balcony overhead and pose in front of a dorky camera on timer!
J Crew Citron pencil skirt and Daisylace tee (oh boy, and with a J Crew belt too...eeps)
I was pretty darn pleased when J Crew's classic cotton pencil skirt in 'citron' got marked down further a couple of weeks ago.  I had seen it on so many people online all through the spring, and the bright highlighter colour just looked incredible.  It's definitely THE neon colour of the moment.  I like that it's slightly more green than yellow, kinda like my lemon meringue pies where I cheat on squeezing lemons and sneak in some bottled lime juice!

So today I slunk 'blithely' into the yard, as if unaware of my audience, and snuck in the fastest couple of photos you've ever witnessed.  And then I ran back to grab another in a fun corner of bright contrasting sun.  I mean, in a neon skirt, you will always be well lit!
I haven't been able to participate in the Everybody Everywear blogger bonanzas in awhile, but I couldn't resist their neon challenge this month! Check it out here!
Image 4970

Sunday, June 10, 2012

On location! Anthropologie 'n me in Iceland....part I... I guess I've been totally overwhelmed by my Iceland experience and haven't yet managed to edit and cull at all.  In fact, a month later, the family and I are still addicted to getting together and watching hours of photos and video and still haven't seen everything, from every possible perspective!  However I did realize last week that I should maybe check and see if Anthropologie had done a catalogue shoot in this gorgeous land, and of course they did, and of course they went to many of the same places!  So in the interests of ever having a selection of images to show folks, I'm going to compare the experience of October 2008 and May 2012!

After a few days in beautiful Reykjavik, we hit up the inland sights of the 'Golden Circle'- a tourist heaven of  rocky Thingvellir (the first parliament, imaginatively called the 'althingi'!), the Gullfoss waterfall and amazing Geysir, home of the original geyser.  I shall keep those photos for another day, but it is quite likely that a few of the catalogue shots were taken on the mossy plateau that overlooks Thingvellir.  The landscape pictures are mine, the model shots are not, and the landscape itself is all Iceland!
My mama's classic red Anthropologie coat was the star of the show- a bright colour and silhouette that enhances every picture it is in (and since it was cold that is many!)
Our beautifully imagined itinerary took us along the stunning south coast, filled with random waterfalls, lamb and pony sightings, and the occasional picturesque ruin. Oh, and the everpresent glacier-covered volcanoes, including the notorious Eyjafjallajökull that caused so much havoc a couple of years ago (and one of the few words I can now pronounce in icelandic!)
Many barns were built into hollowed-out caves in the rock face
to later become the location for a classic Anthropologie catalogue shot!
Just before spending the night in the village of Vik, we stopped at the dramatic cliffs off Dyrhólaey to try and catch sight of the nesting puffins in the evening. They were too far up for us to see, but the beach itself was enough!

We took our own family photos on these incredible stepped columns
The surfaces appear to be almost chiselled, sculpted out of the cliff-face by hand
It`s that glorious coat again!
The following day we stopped at the Skaftafell glacier for a bite to eat and a little nap in the moss.
In which I become one with the land- part woman, part moss!
Moss-eye view of the glacier
And then we stopped at the Jökulsárlón lagoon, a bay filled with ever-changing perspectives on the icebergs that drift through on their way out to sea.  The place is magic, filled with light and shifting form.  It's no wonder Anthropologie stopped here too, since it makes for a stunning backdrop!  We actually visited at 3 times of day since we were staying nearby- in the evening, at midnight, and in bright sun of morning.

You`ve already seen my drama shot at this location, but a quiet meditative portrait is nice too!

 Whew.  You know, there really is more, but I think this is a bit insane to try and cram into one post!  Which is ironic, since actually so much of this happened on the same day!  I only wish looking at these catalogue images that we had taken the opportunity for a few more posed portraits of each other, not just candid shots while we were all photographing the landscape (or stealthy timer images of myself!) So many of our pictures look like this:
The rest of the Anthropologie October 2008 catalogue can be seen here (thanks to Natalie).  I wish I had better quality versions of the photos, since I only seem to be able to get print-screen versions...maybe I can find a copy of the catalogue on ebay!