Thursday, June 21, 2012

daisy, daisy...

We are in the midst of the first real heatwave of the summer, which means trying to find that balance of cool comfortable fabrics with an obligatory layer for the air-conditioned workplace!  I've been taking my cue from last summer and all the lace pieces I somehow *acquired* that make for great layering staples. Although I love lace, I am already far too girly (apt to pirouette unintentionally and make lots of random cutesy noises- ugh!), so I prefer it in sleek silhouettes or paired with bright, bold colours, like my favorite orange skirt!

Anthropologie Back Porch Blouse and Field Scout skirt, with Old Navy polka-dot tee and silk dotty scarf

I didn't pick up on the theme until just now, but I guess I went for a taste of the same thing the next day!  A creamy daisy-lace dress, with bright orange accessories to accent the melon-coloured trim (that's right, I am certainly jonesing for a cool desserty treat right now!)

Forever 21 lace dress, thrifted bauhaus-y necklace and orange patent belt
On the topic of summer dressing, I've had my eye on a couple of easy light summer dresses lately, and top of the list is this minty number from Gap- I await only the next promo code to bring this one home with me!  And since it's been over 30 degrees the past couple of days (or 90 for you fahrenheiters), here's hoping that is VERY soon! 

Imagine this with a pretty lace layer too- now if only I could find the perfect summer wedges that leave no blisters...
Gap asymmetrical dress in varsity green

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