Sunday, June 10, 2012

On location! Anthropologie 'n me in Iceland....part I... I guess I've been totally overwhelmed by my Iceland experience and haven't yet managed to edit and cull at all.  In fact, a month later, the family and I are still addicted to getting together and watching hours of photos and video and still haven't seen everything, from every possible perspective!  However I did realize last week that I should maybe check and see if Anthropologie had done a catalogue shoot in this gorgeous land, and of course they did, and of course they went to many of the same places!  So in the interests of ever having a selection of images to show folks, I'm going to compare the experience of October 2008 and May 2012!

After a few days in beautiful Reykjavik, we hit up the inland sights of the 'Golden Circle'- a tourist heaven of  rocky Thingvellir (the first parliament, imaginatively called the 'althingi'!), the Gullfoss waterfall and amazing Geysir, home of the original geyser.  I shall keep those photos for another day, but it is quite likely that a few of the catalogue shots were taken on the mossy plateau that overlooks Thingvellir.  The landscape pictures are mine, the model shots are not, and the landscape itself is all Iceland!
My mama's classic red Anthropologie coat was the star of the show- a bright colour and silhouette that enhances every picture it is in (and since it was cold that is many!)
Our beautifully imagined itinerary took us along the stunning south coast, filled with random waterfalls, lamb and pony sightings, and the occasional picturesque ruin. Oh, and the everpresent glacier-covered volcanoes, including the notorious Eyjafjallajökull that caused so much havoc a couple of years ago (and one of the few words I can now pronounce in icelandic!)
Many barns were built into hollowed-out caves in the rock face
to later become the location for a classic Anthropologie catalogue shot!
Just before spending the night in the village of Vik, we stopped at the dramatic cliffs off Dyrhólaey to try and catch sight of the nesting puffins in the evening. They were too far up for us to see, but the beach itself was enough!

We took our own family photos on these incredible stepped columns
The surfaces appear to be almost chiselled, sculpted out of the cliff-face by hand
It`s that glorious coat again!
The following day we stopped at the Skaftafell glacier for a bite to eat and a little nap in the moss.
In which I become one with the land- part woman, part moss!
Moss-eye view of the glacier
And then we stopped at the Jökulsárlón lagoon, a bay filled with ever-changing perspectives on the icebergs that drift through on their way out to sea.  The place is magic, filled with light and shifting form.  It's no wonder Anthropologie stopped here too, since it makes for a stunning backdrop!  We actually visited at 3 times of day since we were staying nearby- in the evening, at midnight, and in bright sun of morning.

You`ve already seen my drama shot at this location, but a quiet meditative portrait is nice too!

 Whew.  You know, there really is more, but I think this is a bit insane to try and cram into one post!  Which is ironic, since actually so much of this happened on the same day!  I only wish looking at these catalogue images that we had taken the opportunity for a few more posed portraits of each other, not just candid shots while we were all photographing the landscape (or stealthy timer images of myself!) So many of our pictures look like this:
The rest of the Anthropologie October 2008 catalogue can be seen here (thanks to Natalie).  I wish I had better quality versions of the photos, since I only seem to be able to get print-screen versions...maybe I can find a copy of the catalogue on ebay!

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