Tuesday, June 12, 2012

neon shadows...

I am way off on keeping up with the outfit posts, which is a shame because of course I can  fully embrace pre-summer weather in a range of fun colours and prints these days.  But, well, you get home late and that guy in the backyard is always standing at the barbecue, and sometimes you just don't have the cojones to ignore him on the balcony overhead and pose in front of a dorky camera on timer!
J Crew Citron pencil skirt and Daisylace tee (oh boy, and with a J Crew belt too...eeps)
I was pretty darn pleased when J Crew's classic cotton pencil skirt in 'citron' got marked down further a couple of weeks ago.  I had seen it on so many people online all through the spring, and the bright highlighter colour just looked incredible.  It's definitely THE neon colour of the moment.  I like that it's slightly more green than yellow, kinda like my lemon meringue pies where I cheat on squeezing lemons and sneak in some bottled lime juice!

So today I slunk 'blithely' into the yard, as if unaware of my audience, and snuck in the fastest couple of photos you've ever witnessed.  And then I ran back to grab another in a fun corner of bright contrasting sun.  I mean, in a neon skirt, you will always be well lit!
I haven't been able to participate in the Everybody Everywear blogger bonanzas in awhile, but I couldn't resist their neon challenge this month! Check it out here!
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