Monday, June 25, 2012

cut-offs and silk blouses...

Anthropologie Pointilist Pond blouse, thrifted Mavi jeans, J Crew Camille wedges
My goal this week is to consciously enjoy some of the pretty print blouses in my closet.  Though I love them, they often get forgotten between the easy morning dress-love and flashier print skirts of summer.  Since today is a sunny and cool day off, that means throwing on a rare pair of cut-off jeans with a beloved and yet nigh-unworn Vera print silk blouse. 
The sun seems extra bright today as it breaks through the clouds, leaving moments of extreme contrast on 'film'.  Not unlike the textural joy of contrasting soft silk with even softer aged denim...

What the hell does 'nigh unworn' mean though, you may be asking?  Well, when I first picked up this blouse, it spent a day as a sort of improvised scarf when I stupidly left the house wearing just a dress (however lovely) while on holiday.  It just felt like something was missing and I spent the morning with an eye to substitute accessories until I realized I had already purchased this pretty print blouse that adapts quite nicely to a second life as scarf!
mixed painted prints!
lonesome Wavering Grid dress, awaiting a print friend

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