Wednesday, October 30, 2013

from smurfy to chartreuse...

thrifted bronze sweater, J Crew sterling skirt, moss bauble necklace
Howdy. Your friendly neighbourhood lazy blogger here. I have been getting dressed, and having a lot of fun with colour and bright tights.  and failing at the few minutes it takes to actually share. sigh. 

Above, a recent play with bright chartreuse tights, paired with my favourite bronze sweater and burgundy skirt.  Happy time.  Until I went for a stroll at lunchtime and the inauspiciously stretched out elastic on the tights gave out completely and they went...down! Thankfully the skirt is long and I found a paperclip in my purse.  I may need to actually fix these somehow because the colour is awesome and they are otherwise an excellent pair of tights! :(

Yep- my tights are paper-clipped together and my thrifted oxfords coming unglued for the umpteenth time.  I am a classy lass.

Before that, I went fairly smurfy with these robin's egg blue tights I picked up at Uniqlo.  Too much?  Too bad! So glad I finally dragged out my extensive collection of brightly coloured legwear! Watch out!

Anthropologie chandelier-sleeve blazer, cap sleeve shift and Osona collar

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

my kinda retro...

Wow, I have been pretty lax at 'getting back' into the blogging game.  Couldn't tell you why- I mean, it's a great time of year for colour, colour, colour! (and boots, boots, boots!) I suppose I could blame some of my creative reluctance at the early darkening of the days.  Well, I got home from work slightly earlier yesterday evening so I grabbed a photo in the dusky gloom.

J Crew Liberty popover in Strawberry-Thief floral, J Crew tweed blazer
It was a chilly autumn morning, and I'm running low on tights options until my full winter, er,...'archive' unpacked.  And thus a cozy blazer and denim day with this fabulous liberty print shirt from J Crew.  Once I saw the print I had to have it- the Strawberry-Thief floral is a classic William Morris design (and in that delectable J Crew Liberty cotton lawn- yum!)

Oh the memories. My teen years were spent quietly discovering beautiful things in an expanding (yet introverted) world- Walden and Dostoyevsky, Chet Baker and Chopin. The internet barely existed and William Morris was my hero. You see before you one of the first art books I ever bought myself, first of many (at 15? 16?) The classic 'Renaissance Man' (or indeed the first 'Arts and Crafts guy') he was an artist and patron, building a collective of designers, artists and architects, fundamental in the revival of traditional crafts in an industrial age and active in the budding movement for architectural preservation.  A scholar of medieval romances, he also sort of  'invented' the fantasy genre (later inspiring Tolkien and C.S Lewis). Yeesh. I can't even keep up with blog reading and occasional posting. What have I done with my life? I think I have some old-school reading to catch up on.

I love the unnatural tone to the colours- I wanna wear it with weird combinations.  And I will!  Morris is famous for the maxim "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."  I think a heck of a lot of things are beautiful (#anthropologie #jcrew) And clothes is useful, right?! I bring a lot of them home. But I knit myself a scarf this year.  William Morris would be proud...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013



Okay, this season is the best.  All the trees are exploding with colour, it's warm and sunny, and we get Canadian Thanksgving, which is my favorite feast of all. When we are most fortunate, we get to spend the day with family up at a cottage on a lake. It is always sunny, and feasting sessions of turkey and pie are interspersed with rambles through the woods or a quiet canoe around the lake.  I try and wear my best autumn colours, which isn't difficult as the trees are singing in tones of mustard and ochre and russet and even some persistent green.  If Canadian trees were secretly plaid in their hearts I wouldn't be surprised.


I love making pies (and eating 'em) and was able to score a bunch of rhubarb to add a strawberry-rhubarb pie to my usual apple and pumpkin offerings.  I was never a huge pumpkin pie fan, but this recipe is the best. They had me at 'pecan gingersnap layer'...there are rarely leftovers of that one, even with 6 pies on the table!

pumpkin, apple, and strawberry rhubarb (followed by apple, and cherry and more pumpkin!)
I'm going to hold onto these memories and colours for as long as possible before winter swoops in, with its grey light and gusting chill! Already the daylight is gone by 6 pm...!

Friday, October 11, 2013

browns for a baroness...

I was thrilled to see more brown tones being offered this fall- brown dresses are just so...subtly rich and beautiful. Like the quiet glamour of the horsey set spending a weekend on the Estate with Maggie Smith. Divine. I knew the minute I saw this striped knit dress at Boden that I had to have it. Well, I finally had an opportunity to order it with a good discount and I'm pretty pleased.  It's soft merino knit, in a perfect shade of rich bronze-y brown.  I was tempted to order the tall version  and I may always wonder if it would have been better.  Ha- they practically laughed at me on the phone, though, that a 5"4 girl should need the tall.  It's certainly not too short, but... 

Anyway, the funny/embarrassing thing is...well, when I created my Boden account I was momentarily charmed by the extremely long and detailed list of possible titles available and chose 'Baroness' on a whim. Perhaps it was the allure of the afore-referenced Dowager Countess Grantham/Trentham/Brodie (didn't realise how referential the Downton and Gosford Park character names were). I subsequently switched to a more sedate and realistic Ms. however it seems it's not that simple to reject the nobility once registered.  So my package came duly addressed to the Baroness.  I wonder what my backstory should be...

Boden Amelie dress, Chie Mihara Icone suede oxfords

I certainly have shoes appropriate to my new status.  These delectably decadent Chie Mihara's were top of my wishlist last winter but sold out quickly.  When they turned up in my size for an eminently reasonable price on ebay recently I was thrilled.  They're so beautiful I can't decide whether I should wear them every day of my life, or just display them reverently in a well-lit glass cabinet, perhaps rotating slowly on a shiny platform. shiny. stripes.  If you need me, I'll be having tea in the drawing room...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

seasonal disconnect...

I'm so confused.  Last week, it was so cold at night that I was pinned to the couch every evening by a chilled fat cat looking for full-body snuggles.  For hours on end. Not a real hardship, but... (there are many pictures, but alas the proof is on another computer and it being a delightfully cold and rainy Sunday, said cat is in his place on my lap while I contemplate a 'wasted' afternoon of re-watching Sense and Sensibility and finishing last winter's knitting project.

Summer in Autumn, corals and greens
Anyway, now this week it has gotten all hot again, but meanwhile the leaves have changed colour and started to fall off the trees already.  Bemused.  What the hell do I wear? Sometimes it means leaving the house with bare legs and a coat just in case. I had made the leap into tights wearing, but then had to readjust. Fall colours and prints in light summery fabrics I guess!

I was thinking I would wait and duly introduce this foulard print skirt into a fall wardrobe with tights and boots, but if it's going to be 23C degrees out there... 

Anthropologie Canela panel skirt from Tracy Reese, J Crew Factory chambray, ikat silk scarf
Meanwhile, my lovely overgrown greenery in the backyard has already begun transitioning into 'late' fall. sigh.Oh, and suddenly it gets dark really early. ew.  I might have to roll back into the hallway again soon.  yuck.