Wednesday, October 30, 2013

from smurfy to chartreuse...

thrifted bronze sweater, J Crew sterling skirt, moss bauble necklace
Howdy. Your friendly neighbourhood lazy blogger here. I have been getting dressed, and having a lot of fun with colour and bright tights.  and failing at the few minutes it takes to actually share. sigh. 

Above, a recent play with bright chartreuse tights, paired with my favourite bronze sweater and burgundy skirt.  Happy time.  Until I went for a stroll at lunchtime and the inauspiciously stretched out elastic on the tights gave out completely and they went...down! Thankfully the skirt is long and I found a paperclip in my purse.  I may need to actually fix these somehow because the colour is awesome and they are otherwise an excellent pair of tights! :(

Yep- my tights are paper-clipped together and my thrifted oxfords coming unglued for the umpteenth time.  I am a classy lass.

Before that, I went fairly smurfy with these robin's egg blue tights I picked up at Uniqlo.  Too much?  Too bad! So glad I finally dragged out my extensive collection of brightly coloured legwear! Watch out!

Anthropologie chandelier-sleeve blazer, cap sleeve shift and Osona collar

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