Sunday, October 26, 2014

that...damn green dress...(sob!)

Pineland Maxi dress
We interrupt my unscheduled programming/silence with a little whimper at the universe... This splendid, gorgeous, perfection of a dress appeared on the Anthropologie site last week and I'm...dyin'  Oh why, oh why, does such a perfect slip of a perfect green silk dress, at such a sorta reasonable price have to tempt me so?  And did I mention I received the offer of a 25% off code from my friendly local Anthro store?  And that I just finished paying off my student loan and feel like celebrating before re-buckling down?  Oh, the universe is tempting me!!  
But I seriously have nowhere and nowhen in my life for such dramatics.  Could I seriously justify such a purchase, in this year of financial restraint, just to hang it and touch it lovingly?  Sigh.  It is sooooo totally perfect.  I would get married in this dress (honey, what do you think?) Dammit, it"s the Atonement dress, but now more wearable!

Anthropologie emailed me this morning to inform that this dress is already near sold out in my size.  It's so hard as a somewhat superstitious person to try and read the signs- is the universe telling me I should go for it?  Or are they telling me I need to remind myself about restraint and self-control and that "cookies are a sometimes food" (darn you, politically correct Cookie Monster of the nineties!)? (you're probably right) (Though I did grow up with the gorging, uncontrolled beast of Dionysian delight of the always bothered me how many cookies he wasted eating that way...)

I did find this pretty cool  vintage Vogue pattern for $1 at Value Village today.  Is that the sign?  That I should wait and the dress can happen anyday when I need it? Off to check that lottery ticket...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

sunny greys

Amidst the beautiful colours of fall (yadda yadda...swoon swoon), it's also been nice to see some grey-on-grey looks for the season. I'd been looking for a full light-grey skirt for several years and finally found this Banana Republic dress at Value Village last winter.  I have no need of yet another grey jumper dress (I already have at least 3) so this is due for some chopping to become the perfect skirt.  A travesty, I know, for such a nice wool piece, but it's really not so well cut in the bust.  With a subtly striped sweater, you'd never know it wasn't a skirt.  For now...

J Crew striped sweater, Banana Republic skirt/dress, Indigo boots
Feeling a little more adventurous another day recently, I went for the ol' stripes and florals classic of pattern mixing.  Except all in grey.  It was quite satisfying, especially since it encourages more attention to texture and the subtleties of tone.

Vintage striped dress, Joe Fresh sweater, Camper shoes

These aren't the best pictures (oh, the outdoor opportunities I squandered this summer!  darn it!) but you get the idea.  My grey kitty who wandered into the frame and got picked up, much to his dismay.  He has a very teeny tiny bit of self-respect. For a fat cat.

I was actually inspired to play with greys by a Michael Kors ad, with oversized grey sweater and draping textured scarf that totally set the tone for autumn.  Except for some reason I can't find it online, sunny greys and all.  But I did find some other inspirations along the way...

More Michael Kors (I should have started knitting a year ago to accomplish this...)  Oh, sweaters and boots!

Casual and draped street style:

Oversized coats and layered greys (with just a hint of orange):

And just plain lovely oversized coats:

Plus more greys on greys:


Oh, and while we're talking about Michael Kors, I'm happy to announce that he is espousing artfully tousled hair.  Which is pretty much how my tresses end up when I blindly stick in the bobby pins on my way to the subway every morning.  Laziness wins!  (If only I'd kept my hair a little longer...)

I think I may just be a little colourless tomorrow too (it's okay- this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and there's gonna be a lot of swooning over the changing leaves and some damned-autumnal colour-wearing in the coming weeks)