Sunday, January 31, 2010


I must be super susceptible to suggestion...well, I am. Saturday morning I watched Bill Cunningham's slideshow on the Times site, like every weekend. After so many years as a fashion photographer, he's still so wide-eyed and deliciously uncynical about fashion! Yesterdays theme was plaid- particularly the revisionist crazy plaid that was everywhere this fall. Then in the afternoon, I dragged myself out to a couple of gallery openings. I had a little chat about colour with Lynne Cohen, who is also extraordinarily enthusiastic about her work. She pointed out the line of fluorescent green glowing under the office door in the all-white gallery, and how a simple red pen became activated by the diffuse light coming in the window.

Then I went shopping and bought colour and plaid motifs like mad.

(I swear, since I've only been shopping on ebay lately, I've lost all natural defenses towards the allure of the mall- so many textures, patterns and colours! All seemingly on sale! Impossible to resist!)

(and no, I did not buy orange pants, but yes to a yummy mandarin-orange cropped sweater!)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Oh my... such a lovely little black chanel bow on ebay. Tempting. alluring. will likely sell for much more than 25$...If only I could find the right sort of fabric stores to make my own.

I will settle for the black secretary dress with lovely chevron detailing on the bodice and a tie at the neck to boot that I won on ebay. Doubtless too big, but I couldn't take the chance on not having it and regretting the non-purchase.

Will take pictures once it arrives from the UK.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

green rationing

Green is such a beautifully intense colour, but should be experienced in small doses, like poison (?!)

I have a bit of an addiction to vertical stripes as well, and I got a nice dose last night in a 40's war movie about murder in a makeshift country hospital. The nurse's outfits were to die for, with lovely dainty starchy striped dresses over black tights and heels. with dark navy capes. I immediately wanted to pull my light blue (though sadly unstriped) Anne Klein sample dress out of the closet. It's got a great vintage feel to it, but never seems to work for summer wear. Maybe dark tights and my black campers heels are the way to go!

Ahem, the name of the film is "Green for Danger"- I guess I just can't escape it... Alistair Sim plays the quirky detective, and the suspense of random V1 bombings is a terrific counterpoint to his waffling...

I'll have to get images of the dresses soon. I think all I need for the blue number is a small black bow at the neck- a thin silk ribbon?

other devotees

The one...

She whirled across the screen, so quickly that I never caught more than glimpses of it. I've just never gotten around to capturing that elusive image- the perfect green dress.

I mean, Desk Set itself is great- Hepburn and Tracy, stylishly grumpy reference librarians in fabulous fifties frocks, utilitarian office furniture and the prototype computer...and then the christmas party. Some nameless blonde in the green dress is whisked through the office on her partner's arm, never to be seen again. I've certainly stalked glimmers of that dress on ebay.

I've stalked a lot of dresses on ebay. That's why we're here.

(note to self- granny vintage dressing could lead to just looking like the vintage granny in that last frame...))