Thursday, January 28, 2010

green rationing

Green is such a beautifully intense colour, but should be experienced in small doses, like poison (?!)

I have a bit of an addiction to vertical stripes as well, and I got a nice dose last night in a 40's war movie about murder in a makeshift country hospital. The nurse's outfits were to die for, with lovely dainty starchy striped dresses over black tights and heels. with dark navy capes. I immediately wanted to pull my light blue (though sadly unstriped) Anne Klein sample dress out of the closet. It's got a great vintage feel to it, but never seems to work for summer wear. Maybe dark tights and my black campers heels are the way to go!

Ahem, the name of the film is "Green for Danger"- I guess I just can't escape it... Alistair Sim plays the quirky detective, and the suspense of random V1 bombings is a terrific counterpoint to his waffling...

I'll have to get images of the dresses soon. I think all I need for the blue number is a small black bow at the neck- a thin silk ribbon?

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