Sunday, October 6, 2013

seasonal disconnect...

I'm so confused.  Last week, it was so cold at night that I was pinned to the couch every evening by a chilled fat cat looking for full-body snuggles.  For hours on end. Not a real hardship, but... (there are many pictures, but alas the proof is on another computer and it being a delightfully cold and rainy Sunday, said cat is in his place on my lap while I contemplate a 'wasted' afternoon of re-watching Sense and Sensibility and finishing last winter's knitting project.

Summer in Autumn, corals and greens
Anyway, now this week it has gotten all hot again, but meanwhile the leaves have changed colour and started to fall off the trees already.  Bemused.  What the hell do I wear? Sometimes it means leaving the house with bare legs and a coat just in case. I had made the leap into tights wearing, but then had to readjust. Fall colours and prints in light summery fabrics I guess!

I was thinking I would wait and duly introduce this foulard print skirt into a fall wardrobe with tights and boots, but if it's going to be 23C degrees out there... 

Anthropologie Canela panel skirt from Tracy Reese, J Crew Factory chambray, ikat silk scarf
Meanwhile, my lovely overgrown greenery in the backyard has already begun transitioning into 'late' fall. sigh.Oh, and suddenly it gets dark really early. ew.  I might have to roll back into the hallway again soon.  yuck.

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