Friday, June 1, 2012

modern girl...

J Crew Factory chambray, Anthropologie skirt, Aldo wedges, thrifted mid-century brass necklace
Modern is such a quaint old-fashioned-y term somehow.  We rushed through all the permutations in the last days of the twentieth-century, way past post-modernism, so that I don't even know what we call ourselves now!  That's okay- I'm a mid-century gal, the best kind of modernism. Perhaps that's partly the allure of the Anthropologie naming fetish, drawing me ineluctably to this bold Bauhaus-y print, the Mid-Century Modern skirt.  Yup, another classic piece has found it's way into my closet, thanks Dea!

I hadn't planned on how to debut it yet, but the other morning was one of those 'stumble and grab' days and I think this worked out okay.  Probably not the most flattering pairing, since the skirt has a wide gathered waist, but I have faith in the power of the chambray button-up.  I think next time I will forego a belt though.  Crazy, I know, but I'm a modern gal.

Now, as a historian, I also really like the "Early Modern" period, so I look forward to someday seeing one at Anthropologie.  Maybe a skirt with a cool cabinet-of-curiosities print, like so:
Cabinet of Curiosities, Domenico Remps 1690s

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