Thursday, July 26, 2012

neon neutron dance

Okay, so there's not much dancing going on around here with these continuous heat waves.  Well, maybe on Wednesday nights when I'm glued to So You Think You Can Dance...  But whenever I think of the word neon, I can't help getting a little nostalgic flashback to the Pointer Sister's Neutron Dance (a song embedded in my psyche at an impressionable age from the gazillion times my sister and I watched Beverly Hills Cop!)  And when I think of neon, this "citron" pencil skirt always comes to mind, 'cause dang it's bright. Only the competing brilliance of the setting sun ablaze can match it!

Anthropologie Wrap Around blouse, J Crew Burnt Twig cardigan and Citron pencil skirt
But it's a neat shade of lemon-lime that seems to go with everything, even ochres.  Thank-you yellow, you rock my world. um, and that goes for dotty-and-dashed blouses with large floppy bows too!  This has been a tough summer so far and I am so thankful that a couple of weeks vacation loom in the near future!

woowee- look at them shoulder pads!

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