Tuesday, April 24, 2012

blustery blues...

It's hard to believe that last Monday was a scorching 29C surprise since it has been resolutely hovering above freezing, with gale-force winds and frigid rain showers almost ever since.  Ironically, I've been worrying about what kind of outerwear I need on this upcoming trip to Iceland when in actuality the weather there is much nicer! Last night it actually snowed!

J Crew Blythe shirtdress and chartreuse cardigan, purple tights, Colorblock oxfords via Etsy
Oh my, so much catching up to do!  I feel like I have been posting regularly, but apparently that only includes taking photos and not actually sharing them with the world!  Busy times, busy times...in the last few weeks I've been wearing a lot of my new favorite colour combination- navy and chartreuse, or variations thereof (uh, in other words, blue and yellow- original, I know!)

I wanted the Blythe shirtdress right from the start- I mean, such a lovely silk dress!  I was drooling over the orange version at first, but found the colour too bright and maraschino-like, so ended up desiring the navy. Oh yes!  I got used to it always being around in the sale section, but just kept waiting for the price to dip a little lower.  And then one day it was gone, like, really gone- no popbacks online at all!  So I was pretty happy to catch one a few weeks ago during an extra % promotion since it hadn't been available for a couple of months already.  I love these navy contrast oxfords but always forget about them- somehow the deluxe drape of the dress lets me step away from my heels addiction for a moment!  And yes, bright purple continues its inexorable drift into my world...tights are great accessories!

Anthropologie Brassica dress, F21 pointelle cardigan and mustard belt, Indigo lace-ups
This older Anthropologie dress is one I`ve always been a little uncertain about- the wallpaper floral is surprisingly a little too muddy (for the self-styled queen of mustard?  weird!)  but a bright blue, almost purple cardigan seems to activate the palette (colour theory, what?)  In truth, I also got really annoyed and cut the flaps off the pockets one day (an often regrettable act I call 'sarahrising' or 'voiding the warranty') which does help the skirt hang better. I may even have done this while sitting at my desk at work.  ahem.

I think I'm due for a big ol' March/April favorites megapost.  Oh right, and a update on my birthday 'haul' from Anthropologie ('cause that 15% discount is just so...irresistible!) and maybe even an impromptu prom date...

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