Monday, March 15, 2010


I was at a used bookstore last week, browsing through the stacked books. Somehow it always seems more fruitful to search through a pile of books than browse a tidy shelf. I'm more likely to be tempted by something first encountered face-up than spined. I came across an old paper something- looked like an invitation maybe- in textured taupe paper. On the cover, a silver sticker was printed with 'Molyneux 1931-1932' - I realized it was the order catalogue from a Paris fashion show, with categories for morning gowns, and tea dresses. A penciled note next to robe d'apres-midi #46b reads 'volants' or ruffles. Molyneux was a fashion house, pretty-much at it's height in this period, known for sleek silk column dresses worn by several actresses and the fashionable set.
I later learned all this from the internet.

These dresses are all from seasons 1931-19333, and the final image is actress Gertrude Lawrence in the play Private Lives 1931.

I also picked up a nice old copy of Alber's colour theory. Maybe more on that later.

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