Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sundays are for...

Sundays are for catching up, apparently.  Somehow I've been falling behind, and even though I've had some lovely days off recently with the manfriend/photographer, I still haven't been keeping up with the outfits.  I'm pretty sure there have been some fun attempts recently that I've missed out on documenting after work, which is a shame because I'm sure I don't remember now what they were!!  That's why we take pictures, I guess.

The last couple of Sundays have been sunny and beautiful, which leads us to some meandering in the neighbourhood, up and down the now verdant alleys (mmmm verdant slip dress dreams...).  I love this time of year because all you need to do is throw on crisp cotton dress and some pretty sandals and run out the door!

On one afternoon ramble we came across this gorgeous grassy path between 2 fences...

Vintage checked dress, Forever 21 braided jute belt, Clarks sandals

Necklace made from vintage buttons
I guess continuing a sort of marine theme, I like this combination with the button back tee from J Crew.  I love the unusual colour of the stripes, though I do find the spacing between the buttons at the back a bit...breezy!  I apparently liked the orange scalloped-hem mini I picked up from Forever 21 a couple of months ago so much that I later picked it up in navy too...

J Crew Button Back t-shirt, F21 scalloped-hem mini, rust scarf, UO braided belt, Clarks sandals   
I love when gardens grow out beyond their fences, particularly hanging vines and lilacs! Makes me think of the hidden gardens of Venice (my life goal is to become a taxi driver in Venice, ferrying people around the canals in a swanky motor boat, living in a garden by the canals...)

Either this:

Or this (I'm happy to start small):

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