Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Queen of shirtdresses

Self-styled, perhaps, but I do seem to collect them, collector of all things that I am. Really, what I should do is get an idea of the scope of the project (problem?) by posting them to a blog or something...

I figure if I catalogue these frocks somehow, and am forced to post them online I may actually get around to all the lovelies sitting around waiting for tailoring! Plus I might remember to add a few more to the rotation...

I still haven't found the right conditions for photography that don't involve forcing the manfriend to take my picture constantly (and he's sleeping with his head on my lap right now so fortunately I obsess and save the ebay photos and I guess I'll start there!

This week I received a nice surprise, since a dress I purchased on a whim due to the lovely monochromatic pattern (an ongoing fixation) and buy-it-now option (another ongoing fixation?) turned out to fit beautifully right out of the...envelope. It's sort of a batik print, and the fabric is a really beautiful cotton/silk blend, or feels like it. Ignore the hideous wig! I guess it sorta makes me happy my hair is impossibly straight.

Prada, my dear, dear friend Prada, is still exploring the realm of 50's dress silhouettes...and apparently these are flying off the shelves at bargain prices of $800 or so! My new friend was about $25. Sweet. (sigh, since the advent of Mad Men, my fifties dresses have been much more sought-after and thus expensive on the ebay!)

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