Monday, June 7, 2010


Dang! I was so excited- I found the perfect pair of heels a couple of weeks back, in my beloved Camper "training heels" series. I came across them by accident in a real, honest-to-goodness store- they seem so quaint to me these days, and frustrating for their lack of variety. Anyway, gorgeous pale grey Camper heels, with lovely khaki yellow laces. Yum! Of course they didn't have my size, though they were priced 'reasonably' for the Canadian dollar (Usually there seems to be a 30% markup above the exchange rate, and these were on sale to about 10%...)

So I wrote to the nice people at (who now ship to Canada!) and though the shoes weren't available on the website, they ordered them from the warehouse for me and shipped them out promptly a couple of days later.

Except that I kept asking to make sure that they were the pale grey leather, since the model online I've seen is more charcoal/ gunmetal grey. I received them today,and yes they are indeed the gunmetal grey. Sadness. Still cute and cuddly, and I can still run and jump and plav, but alas...

I'm gonna have to find me some awfully fun laces now! Harvest orange for fall, lemon yellow for summer (hint of neon...)

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