Saturday, June 12, 2010

We are the earth intruders...

So I went for a run this week, and decided to try some Lady Gaga as musical inspiration. It just wasn't doing it for me, so I shuffled and then a lovely symphony of tugboat horns heralded Bjork's Volta album. It's been sort of rotating in my head ever since (we are the earth intruders...). I've always been partial to harbour sounds anyway, since living in Halifax for several years, submitting charcoal drawings of tugboat parts for art school projects and feeding my industrial landscape obsessions.

The sounds reminded me of the film "L'annulaire" based on the novel by Yoko Ogawa. There's a similar harbour theme in the soundtrack, with haunting vocals from the Portishead lead singer. It's an odd story about a girl who takes a job as secretary for an enigmatic doctor (he relieves people of the memories that haunt them). It takes place in Hamburg, alternately in a gorgeous industrial landscape and an abandoned hospital. Weird things happen, she meets unusual people, the doctor manipulates things. There's a sort of a 'red shoes' analogy of control. Anyway, it's sweltering summer and she wears these wilted florals and frail cotton blouses throughout (with cardigans). Something like the style of lovely Liebemarlene. I swear a few of the screen shots look right out of an anthropologie catalogue!

Sigh. I'm just a bundle of surface analogies- that's all I have to say! That and I'm really into florals now. ;P

Yoko Ogawa has written quite a bit, but there isn't much out there in english yet. For some reason she's very available in french though, so I've started picking them up here and there. If you're like me and the very words museum, collection,memory and object cause excitement and longing...

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