Saturday, June 12, 2010

gah! Anthropologie unhappiness

Grrrr...Anthropologie, your Canadian website is terrible. I can't search by name or wishlist anything. I can't follow anyone's links to your items because your website sees that I'm in Canada and automatically forwards me to an expressionless landing page. I tried to cheat the system by ordering from the catalogue, since you don't have very much listed on your international site, but you angrily demanded I remove the lovely licorice skirt from my basket.

I loved the catalogue image so much I had to have the outfit...

I was on the verge of ordering the thrillingly ridiculous expensive sleeveless blouse anyway (florals and spots and mixed fabrics, oh my!) and then you wish to charge me half again the price of the shirt for shipping and customs charges...

And why are you not in Montreal anyway? You opened in Toronto ages ago, and in Edmonton for goodness sake. We shop like crazy at your Urban Outfitters stores. We are snooty and probably the most fashion-conscious city in Canada. We would love to spend our hard-earned dollars on your flimsy, frilly and somehow addictive merchandise.

Please, throw us a bone.


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