Tuesday, August 9, 2011

memories of the road...

As usual, it rained the entire way through New Brunswick- this time, great grey sheets of wet blasting across the windshield and blowing up in mists from the cars in front.  That's about 7 hours or so of the 12.  I don't know why people live here- I'm told it can be quite beautiful, but all I ever see of it is torrential rain on the highway to somewhere better!  Sorry Pops ;)

In the early morning, we stopped for breakfast and a couple of photos with this adorable old tractor.  Industrial design just isn't as cute and anthropomorphic as it used to be!

Anthropologie Elkanah jacket, Amhara skirt, UO t-shirt, thrifted clogs

I've been up to a few things since, of course, and I'll try and share those photos soon! Beach, funk party, evening earwig massacres and the like.  Okay, maybe I'll spare you the earwig tales....

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