Monday, September 24, 2012

a horse and pony show...

Anthropologie To a Tee blazer, Gap bow blouse, Urban Outfitters jeans, Market boots
I really only have one mode when it comes to wearing denim to work- and it says "Hi, I just rode in on my favourite horse..."  This time of year it can be hard to adjust to wearing tights, so a cold morning calls for denim.  And nothing dresses up a pair of jeans like a fitted blazer, to which I can't help adding a bow blouse to keep it decorative.

I suppose there is some slight variance to this uniform- if I'm not wearing boots then it's possibly converse or oxfords, aka my Liz Lemon costume!

However this cuddly old horse dress is also pretty comfortable, so the last two Mondays have been notably (and noted by colleagues) equestrian in style...

Vintage horse dress, J Crew Eden cardigan, Aldo cognac pumps

What's your  uniform? And where's my pony anyway?

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