Wednesday, September 19, 2012

sailor librarian?

Since my style always veer to the bookish chic anyway, maybe I should be embracing some descriptive modifiers.  Like sailor-style librarian...

J Crew Crosstown Flannel skirt, Ginger pullover, chiffon scarf, Chie Mihara shoes
Though you won't catch me swabbing any decks in Chie Mihara! That may not be necessary however- turns out the latest thing in bookselling is to be mobile.  Check out the book barge here (I would certainly love to!)

Or perhaps this lo-fi version in Santorini (though I'd have to change outfits for this one...the wool skirt could be a bit much!)

Don't you just love dressing for a fantasy lifestyle?  Or maybe I should just learn how to drive...

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