Sunday, September 30, 2012

goodbye golden summer glamour...

Oddly enough, though we are now in full-blown autumn according to both the calendar and the dipping temperatures, I have had a hard time this year jumping into the seasonal colours.  I know, weird right?  The ochres and oranges and funky combinations that feel like 'me' are sort of sitting back while I ease into the right state of mind.  Granted, this September has been kinda grey and rainy.  And I know I still wear mustard and ochres year round- it's just that in the summer time it gets classified as a yellow! Anyway, since I still have some remaining summer freckles, and since lighter clothing gets packed away this weekend to make room for a bounteous collection of tights, I'd like to celebrate a little golden yellow combination that pleased me some weeks ago.

J Crew silk henley, Anthropologie Mid-century modern skirt, vintage necklace, F21 belt
This skirt has been a little difficult to style because of the wide elastic waistband and soft a-line- I always struggled to make it work as a structured fifties-style full skirt.  But in truth the mid-century modern that it recalls is not the Dior New Look, but the beachy Mediterranean glamour of Rudofsky sandals and bohemian travel.  So I think this wide burlap-weave belt and the patina of vintage brass brass beads are all I really needed to pull it together.

In summation, a little less this:
Stripes and Florals, Brigance, 1952
and a little more this (which is much more real, and summery, and truly glamorous):

courtesy Quincy's vintage pinterest here
Now I need to go put away those summer things and learn to embrace autumn again, before it is replaced by winter!! Happy end of September!

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