Monday, September 10, 2012

weird and wonderful inspirations from a lakeside weekend...

I was very fortunate to be able to 'honour' labour day weekend in a proper manner this year- lakeside at a cottage with my family.  It was still sunny and warm, and we swam and took long walks around the quiet lake. and ate.  and ate!  This was the first time, and I hope to repeat it , as it was a splendid way to get used to the end of summer!
my VIP chambray skirt of the summer...hopefully it will get a little blog reverence soon!
I love random colour inspirations drawn from little observed moments.  Maybe it was the effect of too much sun, or one-too-many cannonballs into the lake, or just once demonstrating for my poor deprived nephews how a properly calibrated belly-flop is not as painful as you'd think (and discovering that the artistry with which I am able to perform the task is somewhat diminished due to the 20+ years since the last time...) (it was still pretty good, as my sister attests), or maybe just too much of a certain beverage...  But this elegant glass of rosé next to a squat tumbler of Mountain Dew seemed like a great idea for an outfit.

Granted I've been veering towards this colour combination anyway, but...I like it!
Anthropologie Hanalei floral button-down, ancient maroon pullover, Mountain Dew J Crew pencil skirt!

While there, I tested my new phone for it's camera potential- not bad.  A little shaky on the focus sometimes, and the photos are crazy wide!

Now I'm back at work, of course, and am totally caught in some weird state between clutching at summer and simultaneously desiring the details of Fall.  Can't let go of those florals, but I'm drooling at the chance to wear tights with prim lace-up oxfords (Hello Chie Mihara! I`ve missed you so!).  I have a few more summer outfits to remember and properly document, and then we'll be on to Fall inspirations!  I've already pored through my Harper`s Bazaar and Vogue a couple of times, and I'll be on the lookout for another fall publication soon- French Vogue perhaps?

I imagine everyone feels the same way right now!

For now, I'll just say little goodbyes to bits of summer. Goodbye lake- see you at Thanksgiving!

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