Monday, November 25, 2013


Anthropologie sun-glint chambray, JC Jackie cardigan, JC Sterling skirt, thrifted booties
I'm just a-hopin' that this collar/jewelled/bib necklace sparkly craze endures awhile longer.  It's a bit overdone, for sure (why can't retailers use a little restraint with a fun fad, instead of suddenly bedazzling everything in store? sigh) but it's such a nice dressy everyday bit of fun. I of course adore this top- chambray, peter pan collar AND silvery sparkles.  delightful.  It's a very nicely done piece too- I have no fear of the beads falling off (and the sale price of 29.95 is rather pleasing too...) I also love a good slightly off-primary mix of colours...

The other great thing about embellished pieces is if you can entertain while coming and going!  This awesome snuggly sweater has a great openwork crochet detail on the back.  Love.  So a sparkly leaf bib necklace to dress up my Downton tweeds and browns, and a little something special to improve the back view :)

Aida cowlneck, thrifted tweed skirt, Topshop leaf bib, Chie Mihara oxfords

I've found some of my lost stash of brown tights- alas, what was once a plentiful hoard has diminished.  Since it's pretty easy to score great brighly-coloured tights these days (Hue and Joe Fresh), I need to work on finding some great browns.  They may not photograph well in this ghastly fluorescently-lit hallway, but they complement all the colours in my personal rainbow. 

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