Saturday, November 16, 2013

when all else fails...go classic!

Blergh.  I just can't keep up with life anymore!  I am seriously wishing that this classic Onion headline was a real option.  It's not like my life is so insanely busy or full of dizzyingly fun activities- I just can't seem to complete anything! Oh, except I'm almost done reading a real live book (been bad with that lately, despite vowing to mend my ways...) Anyway, somehow it's the weekend again (how is it possible that the work week can seem so long, and yet pass so quickly you feel nothing was accomplished...).  I went easy on myself this morning with an old friend, the d'Armee dress.  So good- you really can't go wrong. And an updo. Actually, that can go wrong... I was rather fine all day, until I realized the grocery store was closing soon and I needed to pick up a bottle of wine. Nothing like running to the cash with booze in hand as your hair falls down, hairpins askew. Classy.

Anthropologie d'Armee dress, UO belt, Joe Fresh berry tights, thrifted booties

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