Tuesday, September 7, 2010

damn green dresses!

Ha!  So the unfortunate side effect of scouring the web for green dresses is, um, finding some to buy.  Erg.  However I have been very frugal and my two recent ebay purchases are really quite reasonable.  I just have to sit back and wait now.  It seems like I've been waiting a lot lately- not sure what the slowdown is- but I think I won't be able to stop buying until SOMETHING arrives in the mail.  Not a good a strategy, methinks.

I've been looking for cheongsam dresses in non-satin fabrics forever- well, mainly since Maggie Cheung's incredible collection from In The Mood for Love*.  I love the idea of an everyday fabric in that style- cotton, or seersucker, or suiting...I bought a little stash from a seller in the spring ( I love getting several articles of clothing cut for one person!), but I haven't actually gotten around to tailoring them yet (asian body type= wider on top with tiny hips, versus watered-down nordic body type= small on top and "sturdy" hips!).  When I came across this green tweed wool cheongsam, well, I was sooooo sold!

And I have been interested in the Sky Bridge dress from Anthropologie for a little while.  By the time I found out about it, though, it was in markdown online with my size long gone.  It seems there's been a flurry of deep discounting lately, because a bunch have turned up online in the $40 range.  Warning to purists: I fully intend to attempt to unbubble the skirt hem (whilst keeping as much of the trim as I can!) We shall see...um, I mean, if I ever get around to putting photos online!

*  Footnote: if you can't get enough of Mad Men via Shanghai and Hong Kong, check out Wong Kar Wai's submission for the film Eros.  His is by far the best- a gorgeous story about a love-struck tailor and Gong Li...

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