Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So my obsession with the orange reed shirtdress from Anthropologie sent me far and wide over the internet, and a couple of ebay auctions later (plus digressions into other ill-conceived Anthro purchasing) it's on the way.

In the process I got sucked into following the world of Anthro fans- it's fun to see how clothes fit people in real life, and peep into their shared world. The dressing room reviews are awesome too, though I see the imminent danger for one such as myself to get drawn into more obsessive buying! Since I have no outlet to try things on and decide rationally that something isn't for me, the potential to obsess over the unobtainable to which I can go to the extremes to er...obtain is too great! Danger!

I am now obsessing over the Florid facade blouse, since it reminds me of an old favourite shirt (why do we ever get rid of these, even when they wear out? They will haunt you forever!) and some excruciatingly expensive heels that fortunately are unavailable new (allows for more casual stalking). I did however find these awesome Clark's sandals that I would happily buy in more colours if they were still available. The hunt continues.


I question spring, since yesterday's sunny 18 degree weather was followed by a gusty nasty snowstorm today! I'm talking all-out pelting (albeit rainy) snow that completely covered the lovely green lawn at work in white. Ick, I say.

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