Thursday, October 7, 2010

more vintage, slight ochre variant...

I can't help it!  It's the only colour that makes my heart zing right now (except olive...need more olive...)!   I realized that I've never even WORN this beautiful ,shimmery, essence of Fall paisley.  It's funny, people have mostly given up commenting on my attire at work, but this dress is so perfectly coordinated with the fall leaves outside my window right now that I received a lot of 'autumnal' comments today.  I guess it's a little delicate, which is why I've always refrained from pulling it out.  The fabric isn't too dressy-  it's sort of a light not-silk, kinda nubby, and I'm definitely going to get some more days out of it while this colour obsession endures.  Plus I finally found some tights that aren't shiny- Via Spiga.  These are a nice bright not-quite-navy (I meant to bring a blue cardigan today, but it was too warm), and I have them in light grey and purple too.  I hate bad tights- I'd rather freeze with long socks if necessary.  The belt is UO and the shoes are Nine West from the salvation army- I love the oxford tassel toes!

This weekend is Thanksgiving and we'll be leaving town for a big family dinner by a lake- I'll have some of my own foliage photos for sure!  Once I'm done baking of course- the 3 required pies are classic apple, strawberry-rhubarb (my favourite) and pumpkin!  My colour allegiance to shades of orange is pretty strong too actually...

I just remembered looking at these photos- one of my favourite outfits as a kid was a similarly shimmery green paisley polyester one piece- zip-up front and bell bottoms to boot.  Oh, I was so sad when the seams gave out!

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