Wednesday, August 1, 2012

colourless colourphile?

J Crew polka dot cardigan and dress, thrifted necklace
I usually try and blast my way through with an excess of colour.  However this dress is such a lovely soft and subtle grey print, on a quiet textured fabric.  It's a great summer dress- very light, with a deep open back.  For once I can't bring myself to drown it in intense colour...

Just maybe a wee little taste of print mixing!

This alley space is actually full of monochromatic textural moments I'm only just realizing. 

But, of course, this is me we're talking about, so more colour is never far away!  Molly at Anthromollogies recently hosted another epic 'Colorphile Challenge' and her sample image was typically inspirational.

I hoped to get away from my usual 'minty' method so restrained things to just a touch of aqua. Bonus- I got to combine a few of those new sale finds!  I know this skirt got dubious reviews, but luckily it fit well and the pleated details are fabulous (especially for $15!)

Anthropologie Scalloped Strings tank and Broken Pleats skirt, thrifted cardigan, Clarks sandals

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