Wednesday, August 28, 2013

vintage greens...

It's been tough getting back in the saddle, for sure... Being away on vacation was of course delightfully relaxing, and I feel a refreshed perspective and all that!  I've been back for a couple of weeks now, and it's been fun pulling out those summer things for a last (first?) fling! So I have a lot to catch up on (but then, I just want to revel in pretty beachy vacation memories too...oh what's a girl to do...)

Vintage green and pink chevron dress, J Crew wedges, thrifted silk scarf

Gotta start somewhere I guess.  Pulled out this dress from the closet this morning in the knowledge that there was some aspect of tailoring that wasn't quite there (the reason for which I have never worn this beauty, or not much). It fits almost perfectly, it's just the bodice is too long. Which I sewed up a year or so ago. And then discovered mid-day that it was pretty much just tacked together with a few light stitches. Heh.  Good thing it was a low-impact desk day!  I swear to fix this 40s chevron beauty and wear it at least another time or two before the winter sets in!  And get a proper set of photos for her too!

Oh, and it's, like, totally time for a blog makeover.  I haven't changed anything in the layout in over two years!  Folks, it's time for an update.  Suggestions?

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