Thursday, April 10, 2014

sewing with scissors...

Anthropologie Speckled Sky blouse, Spring 2013
I have already expressed my passion for lovingly cutting up clothing...and never better than when it's a fine surgery, the delicate snipping of threads on soft silk...

If like me you watched (and maybe rewatched) the oh too brief episodes of the Great British Sewing Bee last spring (and if you haven't yet, oh god what are you doing, go watch it now!) then you might be thinking that it's time to throw caution to the wind and just rev up that sewing machine. I just binge-watched the latest edition, which is fun too, but there was something extra special about the first edition moments...(whispered, "she looks like an unpicker" and declarative, "isn't that a lovely pocket!")


I admired the quiet determination and confidence that Tilly brought to the (sewing) table in the first season.  A relative newcomer to sewing, she had quickly developed a following for the simple and sweet garments she designed and shared through her blog Tilly and the Buttons.  I love the button-back blouse Mathilde blouse she designed, and particularly loved the polka dot version with red piping made for the show. This is one she made subsequently with delightful yellow buttons.

But I am still a lazy sewer (even more than I am a lazy blogger) And so when I found this blouse in the sale room at Anthropologie for $19.95 last summer I saw my moment.I am still so much more comfortable with the slow pace of working by hand!
Anthropologie Speckled Sky blouse and J Crew Clover Tweed pencil skirt

I'd already tried it on and rejected it for me based on the sleeves (it looked terrible, seriously, all those ruffles?) but for that price I knew I could afford to make a few adjustments on this soft sensuous silk. Besides, one of the daily challenges on the sewing bee is to remake an existing garment.  Right up my alley. This wasn't a dramatic alteration, but it sure was satisfying.  All I had to do was gently remove the applied ruffles- snip, snip, snip- leaving one at the cuff, and replace the dull navy buttons with some mint to match the dots. easy peasy.

Now I just need to either learn how to read patterns and actually start making a few garments from the piles of pretty fabrics I've hoarded acquired over the years, or take my inspiration from the inspiring Chinelo of season 2, who can whip up an amazing fitted dress, bodice or peplum by eye and hand!  Well, I guess Tilly has a book coming out soon in the UK and I'm looking forward to getting myself a copy when it ever makes it to these parts.  Plus there's also a book to accompany the show itself, with patterns of some of the most successful garments.  Swoon.

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