Saturday, May 3, 2014

Never just black and white...

Oh boy.  I have been away for awhile, I'm afraid.  Things are looking up but it's been a difficult month, when a seemingly simple digestive imbalance in my dear companion cat quickly became a life-threatening condition despite all of our attempts at treatment. He's such a constant co-pilot in my internet wanderings, a giant fluffy paw hovering over the keyboard, his substantial fluffy self pressed up to my side. It wouldn't be the same cozily browsing blogs without him!

Last Friday, the specialist we went to suspected cancer and told us to prepare to say goodbye.  I spent an anguished weekend curled up with the boy on the couch.  He of course was blissfully unaware that anything was amiss, thrilled to lie sprawled over me for hours on end, his chin tucked under mine, one paw lazily flexing in the air. I couldn't resign myself to the terrible paradox of the beautiful now with that awareness of imminent absence.
A Totoro and his girl
When the results of the biopsy came back negative on Tuesday night (following another round of enemas to keep him going for a few more days) it was an unbelievable relief. He's not quite 9 years old, and so full of love and play. The other night, he felt better and chased a piece of plastic around the room for 10 minutes, tossing it in the air, pouncing, and skittering off after it...and adorably sliding into walls, since he has no front claws for braking! I felt I had no choice but to really investigate the intensive option now open to us to restore him to health, because once you've gone through that phase of mourning (in those dark days I would have bargained anything for another chance!) the strain on your finances seems pretty irrelevant.  I've always mentally earmarked some savings for his care, as our dear pets do throw us these twists from time to time, but not for such an extreme case! 

My boy went in for surgery on Thursday for a colectomy.  They removed most of his damaged colon, an operation with a good prognosis and one that offers cats a good quality of life with little likelihood of incontinence.  It was....costly...and I've set up an account at gofundme to try and offset some of his bills.  I am heartened by the success stories I've seen there, and completely humbled by the beautiful response of family and friends.

If you'd like to become part of the Ghibli fan club (!) here's a link to the site and I hope you may share it with friends and consider a tiny donation.  I think anyone who's ever had a pet can understand the terrible dilemma of these times!

Ghibli's Gofundme page here and Ghibli's future tumblr adventures here

A girl and her Totoro

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