Thursday, July 31, 2014


Anthropologie In a Day jumpsuit

Yup.  I done it. Snip, snip. I picked up this lovely printed romper a year ago on clearance, looking forward to making it into a dress.  I know rompers are still most definitely 'in' but they really don't work for me.  The first time I saw this piece, I fell in love with the retro shape and bold summery print.  And then I realized it was pants.  nope.

I've been really slow to mod things lately- and I'll probably keep tinkering with it for awhile (hey, 'cause I can.  call me the lazy perfectionist.  I think it's a bit too long, right? Could be shorter?)  How about renaming it 'Within a Year jumpsuit'?

I'm reminded of this since I'm currently trying to pack for my annual pilgrimage to the seashore, and I seem to be packing exclusively 'make it work' projects.  sigh.  oh well.  whatever makes ya happy, right?

I also have a mountain of books- including a 1200 page behemoth. I think I'm going to have to edit my selection!

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