Tuesday, December 30, 2014

disheveled december...

2014 is finally limping out of orbit, or rather coughing and hacking it's way out.  December was chaos, without and within, and then the minute Christmas was over, I of course settled cozily on the couch to enjoy some quiet time and got sick. I haven't left the house in days!  It's just been 'My Cat from Hell' marathons and a little bit of fevered reading. I'm trying to look at some of the pretty design books I got for Christmas as inspiration towards 2015, but instead I'm a coughing sweaty mess, and getting fatter by the day since we only seem to have leftover sweets in the house. blergh.

I just watched the delightful movie Frances Ha  (2012), and it makes me feel a little better knowing that someone more dysfunctional than I(but only just) could turn things around (if only just).  Maybe I just need to go back to taking the occasional dance class? Frances is pretty much me, a socially awkward lazy free spirit with a propensity for messiness and falling.  Except she can actually dance and has better arms and hair and she's a mere child at 27.  The movie is funny and charming and makes me want to run and do jetées down the street as I once did.  I almost died laughing at an early scene- I do not recommended watching funny movies with an out-of-control chest cough!


I have been neglecting this space, and missing reading and looking at pretty things online. But somewhere along the way my three little plants died and I lost all the comments on this damn blog going back 4 years. Sigh.  2015 has GOT to be better than this!

The only thing that always makes me happy is looking at a little colour, so without further ado, a little messy chartreuse and mustard for you!

At work- plaid and sparkles:

Ancient F21 mustard skirt, vintage plaid blouse, Anthropologie Osona collar

Dressed up for a little fun at my local Anthropologie's festive evening for customers (the best food!)

Anthropologie/Nanette Lepore dress, Osona collar, J Crew cardigan

And finally a forgivingly stretchy Christmas dinner outfit, featuring prezzies from my manfriend and my sister:

Anthropologie Pinnacle Textured dress (most over the top name ever!?) and I must ask my sister where she got this honeycomb necklace...

Here's to finding our way in the new year! Or at least some dancing in the streets...! 
(p.s. I think the comments field is working again- I love hearing from you!) Argh- I spoke too soon!  Mysteriously the old comments are back (yay!) but there's no comment field for this post?  Sigh- and I'm the technophile at work...  Maybe next year! 

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