Tuesday, January 13, 2015

winter florals (looking forward and inside-out)

It's January and it's a cold white world out there. So it's certainly a wonderful time to bring a little floral and colour back into the everyday.  I invested in this knit dress back during the sweet dress promo at Anthropologie in the fall (instead of that swell green silk number.  bah- I didn't need it!).  Looking at these two outfit photos it appears I didn't try anything earth-shatteringly different colour-wise.  Ah well, earth tones... I adore the hint of plaid and the  unique beauty of the overlaid felted blooms.  I hate ordering such things online, with no reviews to go on, but I knew the quality would be excellent based on a scarf from the same brand I saw in store and I just had to try it.  I love knit dresses!

Anthropologie Bloomline shift by Troubadour
Aaaaaaand...I do believe with a little work, say the addition of some trim over the seams, this would work just as well (maybe even better) inside out!  I love the rust tweedy tone and the way the bloom forms are just ever so subtly emerging from the knit.  Sweet! I do believe I may have two dresses in one!

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