Tuesday, January 28, 2014

retro thoughts (put a bird on it...)

Hey, so just about exactly 4 years ago today,  I was messing around, trying to think of a title for a blog that might reflect some of my obsessions with fashion, vintage clothing and potential clothes-hoarding. The idea was to corral those fragmented thoughts about colour and texture and pattern, and maybe write a little something. 

Time has passed, my style has certainly morphed a little here and there (oops- totally became somewhat of an Anthropologie addict in the meantime), my hair has grown shorter and longer (like some kind of sad 'Bookstore Barbie'), and hey, I'm still a clothes hoarder! I still don't write in complete sentences (and alas, with a surplus of excessive hyperbolic punctuation...!!) I only get up in the morning in order to play with colour, deriving inspiration from anything from movie costumes (I should probably share those ideas more often) to book covers, and I have probably become even a little more lazy about posting and improving my photography (ugh- even worse today as I seem to have mislaid my camera). sigh.  4 years. Apparently this blog even predates 'Put a bird on it'.  That's wild.

J Crew boy shirt in bird print and vintage denim skirt
So, I may be a little leery of cutesy prints, but I do love a nice subtle repeat pattern.  I waited out this J Crew bird print until it was about 75% off, and now I hear they have a cat print blouse (not yet online_...I just may have to get my hands on that one too...) or this Peter Som dress I've been eyeing.  Camouflage cats, the cat lady's best friend. Meow.

Peter Som Cheshire dress at Anthropologie here
Thanks for following along!  I so appreciate all your feedback and thoughts over the years. I'll try and think of some appropriate way to celebrate soon!

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