Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tweedy lady (with vintage envy)

Ah, I'm afraid I've been dressing librarianly and vintagey for so long I no longer know what looks merely 'old lady' and what looks 'old lady style' anymore.  sigh.  oh well.  I like my downton-y tweeds and I guess that's just gonna have to do.  I'll throw on boots and skinny jeans from time to time to remind myself there are other more fashionable street style looks out there. (oh outdoors and natural light, I miss thy pretty picture-making qualities!)

Anthropologie Fringed Eliot cardigan, J Crew Mint stone necklace, Uniqlo cashmere tee, thrifted wool skirt, Chie Mihara shoes
Thankfully Anthropologie and my local Value Village second-hand shop supply me with the elements of both old-fashioned and new-fangled items. I always make a beeline for the skirts, hoping to find some nice long a-line wool skirts.  Especially since I have a colleague at work with the most gorgeous pinky-toned tan skirt.  I've been hunting for one in that tone for years, and finally succeeded last week!  It may not show in the pictures, but the tweed has a touch of pink and orange.

I also just found this cardigan in the sale room at Anthropologie- I love how it looks like one of those classic Chanel tweed jackets, but it's actually a super soft knit cardigan.  Now that's my style! Consider my vintage (and not so vintage) envy sated!

I guess while we're engaged in true hunting/shopping confessions, I also scored this amazing green cloche hat from the Anthropologie sale room.  Now when are the next Downton Abbey auditions happening?

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