Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunshine through the rain!

Went to the post office after work today to pick up a couple of parcels (anthropologie scalloped clouds skirt and gleaming something-or-other blouse!) and walked home in what's been a sudden and unseasonably scorching summer heat. I have many, many summer dresses, but it's been so hot these past few days that anything more than a slip seems heavy and oppressive. Thank heaven for little cotton shirtdresses (anthropologie again)!

Anyway, the ominous clouds rolled in and before I got home these massive steamings blobs of water started falling out of the sky. Not many at first, but each one was impressively wet! After a block or so, the rain stopped entirely and the sun came out, followed by a sudden torrent of monsoon rain! I was laughing and choking on the water, unable to breathe, with my useless glasses pushed up on my head and dress plastered to my legs. It was amazing. I had this flash to the rain scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and also the magical sunshine through the rain in Kurosawa's Dreams...

That quiet episode has always stuck with me- the boy following the magical party of foxes into the rainy forest, and then refused entrance by his mother, as the foxes have cursed him. He must find them at the end of the rainbow and ask forgiveness for witnessing their revelry...

I love the scalloped clouds skirt, by the way!

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