Sunday, May 22, 2011

a chambray kinda week... many hours does my neighbour spend out on his deck's very hard to take outfit pictures when you know someone is overlooking your outdoor studio...

I finally managed to grab a couple of shots of some recent favourite pairings- I've been really enamoured by the tone of chambray this spring, and that Gap tuxedo blouse has turned out to be quite versatile with the right kind of skirt.  I've been loving the styling of pale blues with bright reds lately- I can't think of examples at the moment, but I daresay they include the pale beauty of Anthropologie's Mompos dress and the Tiered Chambray maxi.

This polka dot scarf, which has never worked well as a scarf since it's too short and wide, has now become a stylish and serviceable cummerbund, kinda in keeping with the tuxedo style of the blouse. me likee.
Gap chambray tuxedo blouse, thrifted polka dot scarf, thrifted velvet skirt, Clarks wedges

Seeing the lovely Tiered Chambray dress on others reminded me of another old favourite in my closet, this chambray linen Mexx skirt I've had forever.  I wasn't quite sure how to style it before now, but I think I love this combination with the stripes and patterned belt to tie it together.
ancient Gap linen blazer, thrifted striped blouse, Anthropologie Agadya belt, thrifted Mexx linen skirt, Clarks wedges

Oh that belt...I picked up one in the NY store last spring and desperately tried to order more when it went on sale- they were beautiful cloth belts of varied african prints.  Alas, when I finally managed to order 2 more online they just sent me 2 of the same pattern.  grrr.  I suppose I should try and make some of my own...

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