Tuesday, May 31, 2011

red 'n white

I'm not usually a huge fan of red- it's hard to find those perfect vibrant shades.  However when I saw the red ikat Ackee pencil skirt in the Anthropologie catalogue a few months ago, I knew it was a winner.

I almost didn't wait out the sale price- I was pretty much on the verge of ordering it when it suddenly went on sale, so I'm super happy to have worn it a couple of times already.  I have plans for some more colour variations, but for the first few outings I've stuck with classic red and white, to let the skirt speak for itself.  The fabric is a nice rich linen blend (yes, it wrinkles, but that's just the nature of linen, so I don't mind!)
Old Navy blouse, Anthropologie Ackee skirt, Camper shoes
 I guess this is also the first time I've gotten a shot of the lace blouse I found awhile back as a substitute for Anthropologie's Back Porch blouse- this one is actually a little better for me because it has a little peter pan collar (love) and sparkly antique buttons (adore).  It goes with everything so I've been wearing it a LOT actually!
vintage lace blouse, Anthropologie Ackee skirt, Clarks wedges
I think next up it's time for some soft lavenders with the red...I may just have such a blouse already....

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