Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a rarity...

Anthropologie To A Tee blazer, Ginger bow sweater, Buffalo jeans, Campers boots
Brrrr....it is some cold out there again!  I got so used to last week's sunny nigh-summery weather, with the light cotton dresses and bare legs, that when the temperatures dropped drastically this week I didn't quite know how to dress myself.  I am loathe to wear tights again (yuck), and too chilled to brave knee socks, so I was reduced, absolutely desperately reduced, to throwing on jeans instead of a dress!  You won't see this very often here, that's for sure.

On those 4 or 5 occasions a year that I end up going to work in denim, I basically throw on a patterned top and basic cotton blazer.  I have a total addiction to big bows on sweaters and blouses, so I quite like how this big cashmere bow interacts with the pale mustard blazer I picked up in the fall.  I hardly wore this blazer all winter, but it seems much more seasonally appropriate now- I hope to find a few more simple options for it before we hit summer.

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