Sunday, December 4, 2011

office christmas party: decisions, decisions...

I have but one "Christmas Party" to attend that isn't a more casual family gathering, and that's the ol' office Christmas party.  It's a bit of a bummer since it occurs at the end of a workday, and at the workplace (though not quite like the debauched celebration of 'The Apartment' thankfully!).  I have so many pretty frocks that are worn regularly to work, so it`s hard to decide on something that is festive, not TOO dressy, and that allows for lotsa eating and dancing.  Because of the dancing, I don`t want to wear something really vintage, since they`re more delicate, but then so many other pieces have been worn to work as my everyday garb!  Oh what`s an overdressing gal to do...
Painted Plaid dress

Everything points to wearing the Painted Plaid dress, since it`s gorgeous, comfortable, great for dancing, and hasn`t been worn as just a dress to work (I've worn it covered with a cardigan or blazer).  Except it`s difficult to dress down for everyday as it is, and I don`t want it to be indelibly associated in my mind with Christmas and as a party dress!  I think I would pin one edge up a bit to show the cute crinoline...  Argh!  But then it already seems to be THE Christmas dress:
New Girl Christmas photo
Other options include:

Gathered Together dress
I have never worn this dress- it's super cute and I bought it used awhile back for a very good price.  Too short and frilly for work- which makes me think this would make a splendid party dress.

Take Action dress
But then I also got this recently- it's so beautiful, and I haven't worn it yet.  I like the idea of wearing yellow instead of festive green (for once)!

M Missoni scoop dress
I'm contemplating this one since I like the idea of wearing something a little shorter than my usual dresses.  This would be VERY comfortable for eating, drinking, and dancing, and would be pretty without standing out too much.  But then, is that what I want?
Vintage dust motes dress
On the other hand, here's a beautiful brightly-patterned vintage dress I've never had occasion to wear.  It's very heavy because it's reversible, double layers of thick textured cotton (plain red on the other side) so not quite appropriate for summer, and definitely not something I would wear to work otherwise.  It's a bit yellowed, but I gave it a tea bath last night to even out the colour a bit.  The full skirt would be very fun to dance in!  I love the print because they're fuzzy polka dots, kinda like the dust creatures in My Neighbour Totoro (sigh): I love how this helps in the decision-making process- I'm now thinking either I go safe and pretty with the plaid, or all-out with this vintage dress I've neglected for so long (which will require a little bit of sewing touch-ups first).  What say you?  And how do you decide what to wear to your various Christmas parties?

Oh, and I have a whole slew of  OOTDs to catch up on from November- this posting once-a-week thing is too lazy!  Plus my goal for the year was 100 posts and I could get there with a bit more discipline (man, some of you manage that in 1/2 the time)!!

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