Monday, December 19, 2011

what I edition!

Anthropologie Gathered Together dress, Christmas tree
So I really appreciated your feedback on what dress to wear to the office party!  Many of you suggested going with the Gathered Together dress, and boy were you right!  Since I also stupidly volunteered to make cookies for a bake-off, I found myself at 3 am the night before cutting out smirking gingerbread men, about to go to bed without having planned how or what to wear (beyond ordering a couple of cute accessories from Forever 21...) so the ready-made cute green dress was it!
Forever 21 teal feather hair clip and bronze belt, layered vintage necklaces
 The cotton simplicity and luxurious colour were a great combination- I did realize a little late that the top is quite loose-fitting, which caused me some worry while dancing ferociously.  Fortunately the layered and tasselled necklaces helped cover some of the potential embarassment of the keyhole neckline.  Man, I spent 2 full hours on the dance floor and there is not one picture to document it.  We were looking back at previous years and I think that is pretty much the only place you ever see me in pictures.  I may not be good at it, but I like to shake it!  Plus I hate small-talk.  The dance floor: secret hiding place of the introvert.
J Crewification: Silk Blythe blouse, Nutmeg Traversa cardigan, Grey pencil skirt, teal Chie Miharas
And because I have an enormous backlog of outfits to post before the end of the year, here's what I wore that day before morphing into the dancing lady.  My uniform colours of grey and rust, uniform elements of pencil skirt and silk shirt, and unintentional uniformity of brand: J Crew.

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