Friday, December 30, 2011

pie and catch-up!

Okay, so the real reason I keep ordering stuff from Anthropologie?  Their boxes make PERFECT pie carriers!  I've tried pizza boxes, but the sizing is just off, and since I am always baking until the last minute, I need some way of transporting seriously hot pies, direct from the oven to wherever!  I am always in mega pie production through the Christmas season but sadly could not find any frozen rhubarb this year (I keep meaning to stock up on the fresh stuff in the summer, but never do), so my favorite strawberry-rhubarb pie didn't happen.  Actually, this meant I could enjoy my Christmas afternoon, with a manageable number of pies to produce!

A couple of weeks ago I wore this outfit and totally felt like a strawberry tart myself- something about the mousse-y colours helped put me in the Christmas mood.  I won a 50$ gift certificate from Couture Allure Vintage in November, and jumped on this vintage sweaterdress right away- it's something I've been looking for awhile.  The shop has spectacular finds, like this amazing silk polka dot dress, and the blog is a constant source of fascinating vintage fashion photographs!  Thanks Jody!
Vintage sweaterdress from Couture Allure vintage, Raspberry Hue tights, Indigo boots, vintage brass acorn brooch and ochre scarf, F21 bronze belt
Otherwise, well, I guess I've been wearing a lot of my staple J Crew pencil skirts, with some Madewell thrown in for good measure, and those chartreuse and rusts certainly ain't going anywhere!!
Madewell rust safari dress, J Crew golden chartreuse cashmere cardigan, F21 bronze belt, Indigo boots
Madewell checked boiler shirt, J Crew pencil skirt, olive tights, Chie Mihara oxfords, fuzzy critter #1
vintage brown checked cowboy shirt, J Crew ochre skirt, thrifted belt, Fornarina green bow shoes
And because a couple of pairs of pants have recently entered my life...what surprises will 2012 hold? What colours will we thrill to this spring? (sounds like more orange, but I don't know that my wardrobe could handle any more!)
Anthropologie Sepviva pullover and Checked Crops, Gap silk-blend yellow cardigan, Camper booties

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