Saturday, February 18, 2012

dreaming of marni: planning for designer collaborations!

The little fetishist in me loves these inexpensive designer collaborations- Jason Wu, Rodarte and Liberty for Target, Comme des Garcons and Marni for H&M!  I am pretty good at restraining myself to one or two items, since there's usually only a few pieces that express the idea of the collection to me.  I was tickled to see the iconoclastic Comme des Garcons work with everyday fast-fashion H&M, and thought the pieces were fun and of excellent quality (and someday I'll pull the tags off the pants and actually wear them...I swear, I would have worn them if I had found one of the blazers too!)

I am a huge fan of Marni however- I love the print mixing and simple shapes- and  what I particularly love is the interaction of pieces, the layering.  I am afraid in this case I need to find myself at least a few pieces to play with!!  They're like the LEGO of the fashion world- or maybe I'm just distracted by the dots!

Fashionista posted the lookbook today, although it's hard to tell what the full line might be since the items aren't featured consistently with prices and details.  My favorite piece is the blue polka dot blouse, and I'd love to match it with the coordinating dress or something else in the pink-toned print.  The accessories are absolutely gorgeous, but they are always the first to sell out. I love the floral corsage necklace!

Dreaming of Marni

Some of the outfit shots that have me dreaming:

I absolutely love the mix of blue and brown.  In fact, I have one Marni dress, purchased from a sample sale, which would coordinate very nicely with these pieces. It's a circular blue print sundress with a brown bodice from probably 4 or 5 years ago. Of course I can't find a picture right now, but I'm sure as my 'Marni Mania' increases over the next few weeks I will trot it out.  However I did trot out another favorite dress this week, working the blue and brown:

Anthropologie Contemporarian dress, F21 pointelle cardigan, Indigo shoes

And guess which other designer collaboration piece arrived the same day! I love the dress- I think the design is really pretty and unique and I can't wait for spring to come!  It is quite thin though and definitely needs a slip.  Glad I sized up to a S because the XS would never have fit in the hips!
Jason Wu for Target blush striped dress

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